The soulful and sultry voice of 26 year old
country singer Alex Hughes is undeniably unique

Upcoming Public Events

Booking up for another great summer with a few more show announcements to come! Starred events are open to the public!
Hope to see you there! - Alex

June 12: Stampede Breakfast- Chinook Learning

June 14: Hy’s Lounge 4:00-8:00pm *

June 16: Private Event

June 21: Stampede Breakfast- Douglas School

June 21: Hy’s Lounge 4:00-8:00pm *

June 26: Private Event (TBC)

June 28: Hy’s Lounge 4:00-8:00pm *

July 1: Canada Day Celebration Banff (Calgary Stampede Float) *

July 4: Sobey’s /Safeway Stampede Lunch

July 7: Wendy T’s Gluten Free Stampede Marda Loop 9:00- 11:00 am *

July 8: Private Event

July 12: Downtown Parade Am (Calgary Stampede Float) *

July 12: Corporate Stampede Party with Band

July 13: Corporate Private Event

July 18: Westerner Days *